Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can't Stop Dancing!!!!!

ENJOY!! Jump in the river of joy!!!!
Let it overtake your soul while listening!!!

Let Him overtake you!!!

I love the phrase "deep cries out to deep". I've been thinking about it so much the past few days.

The longing for the spirit realm is a gift. The longing is placed inside of us by God. He doesn't dispise us longing and searching-He wants us to find Him! To find the Him that is truly Him! The happy, Holy, faithful, beautiful, lover that He is! He has placed that vaccum in our souls so that we find Him and see that we are only satisfied in Him! He is the fullness of joy! He is the happiest man alive! He is the most wonderful man alive! His thoughts are vast, they are amazing, they are faithful, true and can be trusted!

The deep parts of His heart long for a friend to partner with. The deep places in His heart call to the deep in our heart. Our hearts deep places call to deep places that only the One, true, living God can fill!

I am taking some time tonight, and I urge you to do the same, to listen to what He says about you, and what He has to say to the deep places. Listen to what His deep says to your deep.

and listen with ears open, untainted by what the world and people say. After all, people can tell you a lot about a person but until you actually meet and talk with them-that's when your own toughts of that person truly counts.

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