Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running into Mercy

Thank you God that I'm not the person I was yesterday.
Thank you that you delight in showing mercy.
Thank you that you don't merely tolerate me but that you actually are in this for me to have fullness! You actually enjoy me.

You restore my soul with your mercy. Every day.
Every second where I fall and think "oops..."
I thank you that you really are bringing me forth in faithfulness and in righteousness.
You really are changing my heart. You really are converting my soul.
You're giving me the mind of Christ, to think like Jesus!
You will finish what you started in me.
Its who you are, it's what you do-you are faithful and true.
You are merciful.

I keep running into mercy-it transforms me.

It transforms me to run to you in the multitude of my anxieties, sins, mess-ups, could have/should haves, and be fully accepted and loved.

You take my shameful soul and restore it to a joyful one free of worry, filled with peace.
Free of pain, full of hope.

I will wash myself in your blood.
I will accept what you've done and let you wash me in your blood.
I will dance in that blood, I will swim in your blood, I find joy in your blood.
There is delight in your blood!
I wash myself in your blood because I want to be like you!

You give me what I don't deserve.
You transform me into the image of the most caring, happy, kindest, faithful, true, gentle Man.
Thank you that its for the simple and I can achieve it.
Thank you.
Your gentleness really does make me great.

I won't ever give up running to you.
You are able. You are willing.

I keep running into mercy

....how it transforms me.

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