Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Obey" by Sarah Edwards

Your burden it is easy and Your yoke it is light.
You are meek and lowly, You are gentle, You are kind.
Every one of your commands they lead my heart to life.
When I obey I find life.

So teach me all Your ways O God,
Please show me Your paths.
Come unite my heart to fear Your name.
Let there be no sin in me
that would keep me from this prize.
Because I love I will obey

It's my joy to love,
It's my joy to obey.
You can have all my heart,
You can have all my praise.
I will give you my life.
I will run hard this race,
Reaching for the prize.
I am Yours-
You are mine.

I will run in the path of Your commands
You will surely enlarge my heart.
I will make Your law daily my delight.
Let me not wander from Your ways
Let it be my delight to obey,
There is no greater joy than knowing Your name

Jesus, You are my prize. It is my honor to give You my love.
It's not a sacrifice. It's not an issue.
It's not too hard. It's not too difficult.
At Your feet alone is where I find life. There is no greater joy than knowing You.

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Lora said...

thank you for this reminder. it's all about HIM! :)