Monday, January 4, 2010

What stories would they say?

This morning I decided to drink out of a mug that I haven't drank out of lately. I got this mug from a close friend who bought it at a garage sale. She got a pair of 3, keeping one for herself, giving one to me and the last one to another close friend. The fact that someone else had this mug before me always spurs lots of thoughts.

Who were they? was this their favorite mug? did they read while drinking from it? what book? did they dream while looking out the window? why did they sell it? was it kept in the back of the cubbard? where did they get it from, and why? was it used by a child who would count the flower petals? what thoughts were thought while it was being used?
.....i could go on and on and on.

I love the fact that it was used. I have a friend who has a blanket that was previously used and she also loves the "where did this come from" feelings. It makes me think of the items around me...what stories would they tell someone? Sometimes i feel like they would know the true me better than some of my friends. They see the girl who runs around the house singing and dancing non-stop. I can imagnie my mug talking "so then she would put on this music and run to a big open space in the living room and just jump and sing her heart out"...haha oh man...

ps-excellent book "Listening Is An Act of Love" by the Storycorps Project-check it out! amazing!
and yay for new journals from good friends that come with quite the purpose...;]
love! xoxo

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Kellie said...

I love this.. I always wonder about things like that when I buy something used!