Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's that time again...

8 months away!?!?!

from him? from her? and her, and her, and her and him!?! and him!?! and them!?!?

8 months away from Christ Community.....i can't even let that thought come to the surface.
I just look at people and tears slowly start down my face...

Once again, I am back in this place of "good-byes" with people.

I am so excited for my time home...(well, "home") and then my time at IHOP-Kansas City.

but this place....oh how I LOVE this place....i LOVE this church....and I desperately love THESE people....

Jesus, your love makes it worth it all. That's the only thing that gives me strength and gumption to leave. To give it up time and time and time and time again......just to find that i am brought back.

Your love makes it worth it.

no countdown for these last days here (.....10)
Please let these days grow sweeter, and slower!


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