Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bport is...

I get asked so often what is bport like??

Well, bport is chocolate chip waffles on a cool summer morning. Bport is communal nap time. Bport is late night walks, arm-in-arm. Bport is tagging along to friend's family functions because you see your family 2 months out of the year. Bport is coffee shop after coffee shop, and you still haven't found them all. Bport is "day off" at the beach. Bport is flip flops, and uggs. Bport is cozy talks. Bport is raw, deep, and real. Bport is a community of encouragers, and worshippers. Bport is riding in elevators and stopping on every floor. Bport is rain. Bport is playing in puddles, tripping into the fountian, laying in the field. Bport is movie nights. Bport is beautiful girls, and amazing boys. Bport is being extra "nice" to the cute card guy at the gym. Bport is running and running and running and running-finding out that you can't escape this so you'll have to face it. Bport is mix cd's. Bport is 3 hour dinners at the dining hall. Bport is adventures. Bport is the canal. Bport is long car rides to no where so you can just sing. Bport is sweet sunny days. Bport is photo shoot, after photo shoot. Bport is sisters. Bport is fatherly brothers. Bport is roof climbing. Bport is dancing in the street at 3am running back and forth from cars. Bport is tears. Bport is joy. Bport is love. Bport is home.

When I came here to work with PUSH/Dance Mosaic almost 5 years ago, I used to refer to this whole area as "heaven". I knew at the age of 10 that this is where I was going to go to college, live,etc. I told everyone, seemed like a fool, and here I am!

This place is more than just my college. It's more than just my church, and the people that I love. This is home. This is a calling on my life. This is so much more than just a choice. This is a calling-a purpose-an appointment for this time in my life.

Bport is in my heart. <3

"we give You the highest praise!"
-I Need You More-Kim Walker
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Allison said...

Um.. what a beautiful post. It gives me such hope for my future college, that you love yours so much! I get really scared sometimes.... and thank you for assuring me- even for just a minute- that things CAN be okay! :D

Alissa Pierce said...

i just linked you to my blog for a happy award :) enjoy!

Corinne said...

this made me smile a whole lot =) <3 love youuu