Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 things...

Thanks to the sweet Alissa, at A Needle in the Haystack, for a Happy award!
Here are 10 things that truly make me so happy!
1.) Jesus
2.) my wonderful WONDERFUL friends...=]
3.) children, "babies"
4.) photoshoots
5.) singing/dancing/playing
6.) going on adventures
7.) grabbing a cup of coffee and heart talking
8.) car ride dance parties
9.) cleaning or planning-i know...but it's true!
10.) cuddling

What makes YOU happy?


Emily Elizabeth said...

amen to #8 =D

Elizabeth said...

Today, it's the yoga class I get to go to after teaching is over :)

Ashley said...

What fun list! hehe
I love how some of the simplest things each person has that makes them happy!

Luca said...

Heather. I casually found you. Are you on facebook? I like to have friends who love Jesus.
Sory this is OT.