Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are you waiting for something?

Check out the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel.

She was married to this guy, Elkanah, who was also married to this chick Peninnah. He loved Hannah more, but kept Peninnah around because she could have kids and Hannah couldn't. Drama, drama, drama right? So Peninnah bullied Hannah all the time because she couldn't have kids. "this went on year after year". Doesn't that just make you want to punch out Peninnah? It would get so bad that Hannah wouldn't eat and just weep all the time.

One day Hannah went to the temple to pray, and she was crying and praying so desperately that she looked drunk. The priest, Eli, yelled at her for being drunk but then she explained her situation. He said, "Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked on him'. Then she went on her way, ate something, and her face was no longer downcast." So she soon gets pregnant and then gives birth to Samuel and then she dedicates him to the Lord by having him grown up in the temple under Eli. Hannah ends up having five more kids.

A year ago the Lord kept telling me "Hannah" over and over again. This is what first sparked me to look up her story. This began a long study of her, and the other people in her life.

Hannah had a beautiful heart in all of this hurt and confusion. This came from taking her waiting, confusion, hurt, and dreams to the Lord. Everyday she walked to the temple in hysterics. But she always left with strength. And that strength gained would help her get through the rest of the day, and the next until she could get back to the temple. She never ran to her friends or her husband when she was upset. I'm sure they gave her great words of advice and love-but everyone has their own lives too. They can't fully be involved in your situation. Go to the one who's affections and attention is never diverted from YOU!

The turning point in Hannah's story is when she leaves her time with Eli. She has a spring in her step, eats something and is much better! She gets up the next morning and worships the Lord with her husband and then they go make a baby! Hannah didn't conceive a child at that point, but she conceived the child-the promise-in her spirit.

Sometimes it all comes down to us. What are we doing to help our situations, our pain, our confusion? Are we fervently running to the Lord at every turn with these desires? Are we putting Him before our desires? Are we putting our faith in the Promise Maker and not the promise? Are we believing that His promises are "yes and amen!"? Are we putting trust in the one we know? "I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day."- 2 Timothy 1:12

"For that day!" Be bold, and believe what you are waiting for! I'd rather be a bold person proven wrong, than one who was proven right and never did anything. Are we willing to give Him our desires? "I am convinced that He is able to guard..." Do we know just how much more our desires are precious to him?!?! He cares about them so much more than we do! He has bigger purposes for our waiting than we could know! Our choices today affect generations from now, but sometimes we just think about a few years from now, or even tomorrow! But in actuality my great-great-great granddaughter will be affected by the choices that I make today!

Samuel is the long awaited for baby. He is the desire. He is what the tears were spent for, what the crying was for. Hannah said if she got a kid she would dedicate and give him back to the Lord. The Lord kept His promise, and she kept hers. In return, she had 3 more sons and 2 daughters! It does seem like the Lord had a bigger plan that she did? All she wanted was one kid, and the Lord gave her a whole lot more!!

Samuel ends up being a prophet to the nation of Israel. Hannah wanted a son, and God cared about her maternal needs, but He needed a prophet. Her waiting was not in vain. She got to a point of desperation where she was not crying out to the Lord for a child, but she was willing to give him up for the Lord's service. She just wanted a son, but God needed a prophet. That prophets mother needed to have certain qualities to teach him in the way to go, and that prophet's mother would need to be willing to give him up so that he could grow up in the temple....don't you think that God had a purpose in her waiting??

He most certainly does for yours too.

I could go on and on forever about Hannah, the people in her story, the choices she made,etc. but basically it all comes down to this:

Run to Him.
Run to Him when you're happy, when you're sad, when you know what's going on and when you don't. Lay it all down before Him. Just throw it all off. He brings a whole bunch of joy with Him.
There's nothing like His presence.



Ria Thurston said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Greatttt post! This is beautifully put and I was hanging onto EVERY word :) You have a gift for writing!

Above all else: Love said...

I don't know why you think I am so great when you can write and be as mature as this <3

L.C.T. said...

Really beautifully written. Thank you.

Dea said...

GREAT post Heather! you inspiring my love, inspiring! haha I love you!

Dea said...

I meant to say *you are*