Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well, Hello!

Dear blog world (it's been a few weeks...),

Hello! I've missed you, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been reading and following your blogs. No, I have been inspired, filled with wonderment, and mostly fallen more in love with the hearts that I have come to know deeper through words.

In the time that we haven't talked I have been spending a lot of time re-visiting the television (now that I'm living back at home) and remembering how much of a competitive spirit I really have (even though I try to hide it). The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, and The Beachelor are among the ridiculious shows that I spend a few hours enjoying.

The other hours are spent working out, and planning my meals to make them healthy and yummy. Along with this comes (SOMUCHSWEET) family time-which hasn't happened in almost 3 years! Time catching up with my friends whom I dearly miss, time planning/researching the next steps of my life, and time with the one who has stolen my heart.

I realized a few days ago that I had stopped dreaming. Now, I classify myself as a dreamer and for a dreamer to stiffle their dreams...well, that's odd. I can't see a day when this happened, or a situation that caused it, but I guess it was the preoccupation of life around me. Both a positive and negative...but in a night's time it's funny how I can realize that I have stiffeled my dreams-mailny for fear that their too crazy-however, my dreams are coming true (IHOP!!) and how a song, and a few words from my Beloved awaken the deep dreams. My soul is stirred, and excited, and expectant!!! I love feels good.

Are you dreaming? What are you dreaming about?
Mhmm. life is sweet, life is good, and I am so happy....

Love you, (and I love your heart...please keep blogging it.)

=] heather


Ria Thurston said...

SO refreshing to read your post! I too love those shows... although we haven't gotten into The Biggest Loser that much yet ;)

Dreaming is huge! Without VISION the people perish... thanks for the reminder! :)

Anonymous said...

Im dreaming of running through big green fields with a bright yellow kite.
Im dreaming of dancing till I can dance no longer.
Im dreaming of road trips with a dear friend... visiting bethel and coffee shops.
Im dreaming of jumping into fountains, and prancing in puddles with joy in our hearts and mud on our faces.
Im dreaming of a wedding. when we get to marry the most beautiful thing to ever walk the earth.
Im dreaming of being a whale trainer, and swimming with shamoo!
Im dreaming of running wild and free in Kansas city with some greattttt friends of mine ;)
Im dreaming of singing kareoke of michael jackson and brittany spears at weird hours of the night!

I am dreaming of getting out of this class! ;)

Love you. love your heart. Love Love Love my sissstaaaa ;) ;)

hah okay well i cant remember my password on here right now lol having a slight brain fart... but its Rinney-poooo <333333

Ashley said...

I've been dreaming of sunshine! :D

I've got you something over at my blog!

Rielynn said...


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