Sunday, December 27, 2009

I can't sing loud enough when I'm singing for you...

Awhile ago, in early december, I went with some close friends to a concer a few hours away. It was the "glory in the highest" christmas tour of bethany dillon, phil wickham and Shane&shane. It was such a needed and nice night-the friends, the songs, the atmosphere, and the Lord! I have always loved Shane&Shane, and Bethany and liked Phil but never got too attatched to him except for one of his hits, Divine Romance. Well, let me tell you-Phil Wickham is one person i would love to spend an hour with! He is on my "list" of most spirit moving people. Every word he spoke has such depth, power, and meaning. I was moved, inspired, and refreshed by him. He just came out with a new cd which is amazing-highly recommend him as an artist, guitar player, and all around great guy!!

Here are some songs that from them!

Bethany: Reach Out

Shane&Shane: Burn Us Up

Phil: Cielo

LOVE to you! xoxo


Ria Thurston said...

Ohhhh what a treat to see them ALL in concert... TOGETHER! Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

This is weird, I know, but I first got into Shane&Shane when I had a crush on a guy named Shane...I don't like that guy anymore, but I still like the music :)