Saturday, December 26, 2009


What an odd time in my life this is. I'm definitly somewhere in-between....but there is an excitement in all the heart-ache, stress, questions, confusion, frustration...

Mhmm, ladies and gentlemen it is almost time!
'Time for what?' you may ask...
i don't know. but it's coming, it's coming! it's ALMOST HERE!!!

sorry for that...i don't know what's coming or what i'm feeling but in the midst of all this craziness there is this feeling of "it's coming!"...what's coming? i don't know but i know it'll be BEAUTIFUL!

I'm home right now. Being home is lovely. I like getting loved on and spoiled by the family and seeing old friends. But it's not fluffy and lovely all the time.

I'm heading back to college this week for 2 or 3 weeks. and then I'm home for about 2 months. That's all I know for now. Still no "yes" or "no" from my internship so we will see...but something's coming!! I don't feel like this "something" is my internship. I feel like it's something inside of me. How can i possibly explain myself to someone?!?!

Sorry that this is just rambling and nonsence. I could just delete this post, but I won't. I hope that you sit, listen, and feel the shifting that takes place. We go through seasons in our life-just like the world around us. Seasons shift and change. Usually, I feel the shifting long before I see it in my natural world around me. Right now I am feeling the exciting, this is my time, and I was made for "such a time as this" season coming. I'm keeping my eyes open. It's coming!! =]

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and are looking forward to the New Year and the seasons that are headed your way-even the dry or cold seasons will add up to something beautiful.

"He makes everything beautiful in His time"-ecc. 3


Kellie said...

I wish I could feel something like that.. it would give me something to look forward to in the midst of all the bad things, at least!
I hope what's coming is wonderful and leaves you very happy!

Above all else: Love said...

For Such A Time As This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

this was a very encouraging blog post for me to read. I feel the shifting too, but sometimes I feel like I'm also just frozen in my place. Not moving anywhere!

And as much as I love the season I'm in now too, there are aspects of it that I wish would end! oh so terribly much haha.

I think about you a lot and wonder what kind of great things God has in store for your two months at home. Definitely some growing time! I'm excited for you