Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Beautiful thing of today was::

One of my closest friends, Dea.

 I got a few (precious) minutes with my dear sister Deanna.
and today was her birthday-i am SO happy she was born! ;]

She's been there for me through so much, and is SUCH a kindred spirit that I know I can count on, and that feels and gets me.  She's a true friend.  We can be serious, and then we can be really silly-all in a matter of seconds.

She loves heart talks, cozy coffee shops, and being cozy in general.  She has a beautiful heart, and is married to one of the best guys I know.  She is a true Proverbs 31 woman.

We have our inside jokes, we have our secrets, we have our special moments, crazy moments, and secret escapes...

and we also like to dance....a lot. 

Mainly, I just love her and am so thankful for her in my life.  I just wanted to share her with all you bloggers.

Happy Birthday Dea!! May this year be the very best yet, and may the Lord richly bless you in every area possible! xoxoxoxoxoxo New levels, new dreams, new horizons......


check her blog out!! (she doesn't write much, but when she does it's worth the wait!!)


Kelly said...

this was so nice! what a great idea!

two of my favorites :)

Dea said...

what?!?! haha, Wow I didn't even deserve this! Thanks SO much Heather, this blessed me! You are a GREAT friend and someone I cherish!