Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Unknown...31 days

I (finally) got some time to sit in (my) window seat at Java's in the villiage the other day. 
Usually someone else is sitting in it, I'm happy to let them have it for the day, but I always want to sit in it when it's fear-partially from fear..."Will this be the last time (for a while) that I sit in this?"
I got to do lots of thinking and just resting...

Prayers during these next few weeks would be much appreciated.
Lots of changes, confusion, stress, excitement, and did i mention changes?!?!

For all of you who don't know exactly what's going on and wondering just what this countdown is for, I'll just lay it out in simple terms for you:

-take care of all responsibilities at college, hand over duties,etc. (by this week!)
-go home for Thanksgiving (first time home since June!!!!)
-come back for finals week and pack up everything I own 
-move back home
-come back to school and live on a couch somewhere for 2 weeks
-go back home and stay there (=D!!!!)
-pack up and move to Kansas City to intern for 3 months at International House of Prayer
-go crazy, experience God in different ways, and know him more intimately than i already do
-after the 3 months come back from the Fire in the Night internship and try to get on a regular sleeping pattern.

I'm not sure how/when the rest will all play out by the rest involves-another year of college, masters?, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry?, Africa, Fort Mill South Carolina, fall in love, get married, and have a van full of kids!! 

but the big thing kinda is that I won't find out when I'm accepted by ihop until this week when i decide to hand over all my responsibilities,etc. I'm kinda walking in faith because once I do this I can't go back....

Excitement, but nervous about the unknown!...Increase my faith, Lord!!
Thanks for your support and prayers!


kelleidoscope said...

I'll pray.. sounds like you've got your hands full

Above all else: Love said...

wow, that does call on for some faith... good thing I know you gots it.

<3 South Carolina

Kendralee* said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!! my spirit is so stirred for you!!! He's got this, child. Oh, His arms are huge!