Tuesday, November 10, 2009

35 days.

Just hung out and talked with Jesus all morning long.  
He is so close...I actually wanted to study (for once) but, as always, 
my heart yearns to be with him and he just calls me to come to his heart....Mmm. 

So today's beautiful thing is...

Laura Hackett's album. 

buy it now. don't even wait for my rambling. 
get it NOW.

I love this girl. 
She is a very kindred spirit, and her songs are all acoustic guitar, piano, etc. (banjo!!)
It's very intimate and honest.

Here is a link to her myspace where you can listen to some songs,etc.
my personal fav's for my season in life are 
"There's A Gap"
"Give In To Me"
and an old favorite "Lowest Place"

get ready to ache, cry, smile, twirl around, jump and dance, 
and feel the unfailing love and the yearning of the Lord's heart for our affections...


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kelleidoscope said...

I just listened to some of her songs, and they're beautiful! I love listening to a song and being able to feel Christ's love. It's amazing :)