Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Power of Words

The words "masters program" make me roll my eyes.
It maybe for you, but as of now, def. not for me!

"Resume" makes me shake my head
and construct my argument on how you'll get where you need to be and not by what's on a paper.

"Slavery", "human trafficking" makes me....grrrrrr...my leg starts bouncing, i bite my lower lip, i shake my head...oooo, don't mess...

Today I saw the words in Winnie Banov's status
"christmas with the orphans"
i don't even know what they do for that or the details or why or anything...
but that just made me weep.

not in a "poor them" way....
it was almost envious.  

it makes me cry.
it makes me yearn.
it makes me wish.
it makes me dream.

Oh Jesus, how i long....

take me lower to bring me higher.

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