Monday, August 24, 2009

My living situation.

dim lighting.
corner chair. short lamp
vanilla chai in my new cup with the names of Jesus around it.
Feet up on the coffee table.
the new best seller in hand
the mind traveling to other places, other lives...

bright lighting.
music up loud, the "new for now" playlist turned on to shuffle..
the smell of fresh baked bread rising up from the oven.
the counter and bar sparkling from a wash and dry.
the feeling of my bare feet hitting the air bubbles in the floor as i jump around dancing to Brian and Jenn.
the feeling of excitement causes me to propel myself over the back of the couch. 
i land hard in the cushions standing up straight.  a new level of pride has risen up in my ego...
i run from one end of the hall to the other with a jump here, a turn there, a squeal here and there.
and the thought..."does everyone do this...??"

Mood lighting.
the glow of the computer screen in 'sleep' mode.  
the sound of the fan trying to bring the air conditioning to my side of the house.  
the capturing photographs on my wall.  
Some old, some new-all still grab my attention, heart, and memories.  
the bible verses around the room.  
the notes, cards, meaning full words-worth more to me than any of my other possessions.  
The coziness of the many pillows as i lay in my bed.  
the look of the decorative door that brings a peace, an excitement, and an awe to my heart.  

the feeling of how blessed i am.
the feeling of favor.
the feeling

for real?!?!?! 

Junior are gonna be good.


Above all else: Love said...

the last line says it all <3

Elizabeth said...

so this is what you do when er're all gone. lol!

Francesca Celeste said...

sounds wonderful dear :)