Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Secret

Tonight, Frank Warren came to my college. I have been a fan of Post Secret for awhile now. I've always admired Frank Warren because I think he has the coolest "job".  People from around the world share their deepest, most private, personal secrets with him on the back of a postcard.  Each day he goes out to get the mail and there's a whole new big stack of secrets.  Some funny, some sexual, some about faith, and some very serious. 

I went with the best of friends here at college to this event.  Seating was obviously an 'issue' so we ended up getting separated from Melissa, but I ended up sitting in between Chelsea and Alex.  We had excellent front row seats!
One of my favorite moments was when Frank was telling a funny story and he scanned the front row audience.  He looked at me, and I smiled at him and He actually smiled at me.  Alex and I turned to each other and hugged-Alex had done the same thing!  Frank Warren looked, smiled, and had a moment with us...we were a little star-struck to say the least. ;]

Reading the blog-I never got very emotional.  Yes, there were some I could relate to, but I just usually read it in a hurry before I start my homework on a Sunday afternoon.  At the end of the event, Frank invited people from the audience to walk up to the mic and share their secrets.  There were some that were funny, some that I couldn't relate to, some I could, and some that broke my heart.

When the first person walked up to the mic I found myself thinking "God, how do You feel about these people and their secrets?"...That's when I found myself sobbing and having this overwhelming feeling of Love for people I've never seen before.  One person after another. Heartbreak.  One person after another.  Rape.  One person after another. Suicide.  There was one girl-where the only thing holding me back from running over to her and holding her in my arms was that I couldn't find her afterwards...She told her story about drugs and alcohol and trying to kill herself.  and how she had been raped.  Not once.  But three times.  I've never had an urge like that to run up to someone and tell them how much they are truly Loved.  How much they are cared about.  And how it wasn't supposed to be this way...

I went to the fountain and just sobbed and sobbed.  Friends and strangers both were worried and wondered what my secret was-b/c evidently I needed to get something out...
Well, I guess this is my secret: 
God loves YOU so overwhelmingly much that when you cry-He crys.  When your heart breaks-His breaks.  And when you're happy-Oh my goodness, how he smiles.... 

Frank said the Hebrew word for "Secret" means to "come closer"...Ask God to bring you into the secret place...the place of intimacy with God.  The place where you share your secrets, and he shares his.  

He crys when you cry.  He hurts right along with you...He knows.  He understands.  He cares.  And He wants to heal you.  Just ask Him.

As I walked back from the fountain and tried to contain my sobs, I found myself crying even harder.  It had started to rain.  Light rain drops.  Like tears falling off of a cheek.  
He was crying... 


Elizabeth said...

ugh. i wish i could've gone. kerri told me some stories about things that people said.

Anonymous said...

Can I comment even though I'm not a blogger?

THIS is a beautiful entry...absolutely beautiful. It's so evident that you're seeking His face and, as a result, being transformed and captured by His amazing heart for others.

I have a secret: I am blessed with the most compassionate, Christ-like sister in the entire world (even if she gets emotional in public)! :)xo ilu