Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is the blog I've been waiting to write...I am now ready to write it...

In one night, playing 3 different board games with friends, you can learn so much about yourself. The things that run through your head, the things that make you laugh, annoy you, and make you competitive. What I found most interesting was what people said about me. What some of my closest friends thought…I feel like I am just noticing these things because of my interpersonal communication classes, but I feel that the Lord is trying to show me something…isn’t He always?!?

Why am I described as “cheerful”…“joyful”…why am I so stinking happy and optimistic?? =p
Why is the word spoken over me “Hope”? Why is that MY message??

Have you ever wondered that?
Why do you feel passionately about that?? Why did you go through this and others didn’t??
Why is this your story and not theirs??

Because that passion-mixed in with your personality, experiences and background-makes you the only one who can do that thing….Everything that you go through makes You, You. and You are the only one who can do what You have to do...this is confusing...

That’s my thing.

According to the dictionary this can be a verb, a noun, capitalized or lowercase.
I prefer it to be a verb. It’s what you do.
“to cherish a desire with anticipation”, “to trust”, “to desire with expectation of obtainment”,
“to expect with confidence”.

We can live without food for a period of time and we can live without water. We can live alone and we can live with people. We can live simply, extravagantly,…you name it-we can live with it or we can live without it.

But not Hope.
You can’t live without Hope.
We were never meant to live without Hope.
Even when we have nothing, we can always have Hope.

I believe that Hope is driven by so many forces…Hope is simple…but built by so much…

These 8 things “make” Hope.

Now I am finally going to get personal in this blog….

I want my life story to scream Hope. I want a story that encompasses these 8 things…I want a story of Perseverance...I want to stand in Faith and believe in the impossible…I want to stand in the darkness and proclaim light, I want to speak to dry bones and make them DANCE, I want to be like Hannah (1 Sam chap 1&2). She couldn’t have kids, but she Hoped and knew that one day, she would have children. She eventually had 4. People laughed at her and didn’t believe, but she put her Hope in the Lord...He didn't let her down...Her kids were eventually some of the most influential people in biblical history.

I will have to be Patient and its going to be so hard… at times I will be so Broken, but in that state I will be taught. I will be Healed, Loved, and shown Grace beyond measure…built up so I can pour out that Love, Healing, and Grace…I will be made free and in that Freedom I will do what the Lord is calling me to do…At the end of it all I want to say “yeah, at times it was so hard but look-the impossible came to pass!! Our God is God over the Impossible. He didn't let me down...the "impossible" is now possible!! NOTHING is impossible for Our God!!”

Hope for the impossible. Hope for what you believe in. Hope for better things. Hope for your cause. Put your Hope in the Lord. He won’t let you down…Hope. Hope. Hope.

“Give me the Love that leads the way, The Faith that nothing can dismay, The Hope no disappointments tire…”-Amy Carmichael

“Be all my Hopes, Be all my dreams, You’re my delight, my everything…it’s just You and me here now…only You and me here now…"

“But as for me, I will always have Hope; I will praise You more and more”-Psalm 71:14

Heather <3


Dea said...

I LOVE this post and your passion for your vision to come to pass is contagious


Above all else: Love said...

mhmmm.. *hug*

javajunction soon.