Friday, December 30, 2011

You've given me Yourself

How much more am I accepted when God gave me Himself? How much more adopted into the family am I when, out of love, He gave up Himself. To certify an adoption on earth it takes papers, signatures, money, interviews...How much more does an adoption have a true effect when it is by the Spirit-When another Man's spirit gets placed inside of mine.

He has loved me. He has washed me. Jesus shed His blood for me-making me also a blood relative of God. Jesus has redeemed me to His God and Father so I could know and dwell with them. His God and Father became my God and my Father. Abba. "Daaaadd."

"God sent forth His Son…that we might receive the adoption as sons,
and because you are sons,
God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts,
crying out, "Abba, Father!""
-Galatians 4:5-6

He has given me Himself. He gave me His Spirit. This not only means I am adopted, but it means that His very likeness is a possibility for me to walk out. When the fullness of God resides inside of You, living holy is attainable. I have the ability to be humble, meek, and walk in love continually. He would never promise or command us something if it wasn't within reach. But because He has given us Himself and He resides inside of us-we can walk in holiness and love, because we have a source of strength that is stronger than our own.

I can love Him with every part of my being because He gave me Himself. I cannot possibly withhold anything from the one who withholds nothing from me. That's just not fair. He gave it all for me-God the Father-God My Father-gave me His one and only Son so that I could be a part of the wonderful Trinity. He did it so that I could dwell in eternal fellowship with this beautiful Trinity delighting in one another. He found all of His delight in the Son, and the Son finds His delight in man. And we are invited to enter in into this delight! The Son gave up and became a Man for me. The Uncreated God became His Creation. The Word became flesh--all because God the Father said "If You want to win her heart fully and pursue her rightly as to where all she is is yours--go low, serve her, love her-and go to her. Become a baby for her."

There is a continual song playing inside of my spirit. There is a continual song that has been playing from eternity past. This song was written before the Worlds were. Before the seas were-when it was just the Father and Son dwelling together in deep fellowship and delight with the Spirit. This song of "Abba, Father!" was sung continually from the Word that had yet to speak "let there be light". The being of spirit that dwelt in Him suddenly took up residence inside of me when I made the choice to say "Yes, I will let there be light within me-I will love Jesus". This song has the power to make every anxiety fall to the side, the power to remove every fear, hindrance and doubt. It has the ability to give me strength, it has the ability to give me the grace I need to walk uprightly. I just have to stop and listen to this cry. I lean in, and I join my voice in with this song from eternity past. "Abba, Father".


Lora said...

beautiful! :)

above all else: Love said...

AHHH! What a love story. "The Uncreated God became His Creation."


Danica said...

not illegitimate!!!!!!!!!