Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raw Love

In December of 2009, I kept hearing the word "raw". This was a goal, a compliment, and something to run towards.

Some people hear that word and go "ugh", but I hear it and go "ohh yes!". To me "raw" means being real, honest, vulnerable...Webster defines it as

"not subtle, or restrained"

"imperfectly prepared for use".

In 12 days I am done with 4 years of college, 2 degrees, a familiar land, and many relationships that will not pass my journey again....

I feel so raw. I feel imperfectly prepared for use. I feel free. I feel more loved than I've ever felt before-and at the same time the most alone. I am "Heather" in the fullness of who I am. I am restored-Hallelujah! I feel unrestrained. I feel 'allowed' to overflow. I am allowed to dance, run, jump, sing, and LOVE! Love the way that I desire to love those around me! *sigh*

That was probably the biggest thing that happened at the Furious Love Event, I got permission to love how I want to love people. There are no more rules of how to love people and how to go about doing it. I just do it led by the One who has the greatest love!

It's a love that gets in your face and under your skin. That pushes your boundary. That looks at you with eyes like fire, burning with desire. It's a love that makes you uncomfortable-until you let it take over your heart and it fills every part of your soul. Love washes over a multitude of sins, pains, aches, wrongs...Nothing that stands against love is able to stand when love walks in.

I love reflecting upon seasons. I am amazed by what I have seen these 4 years...and there are still 12 days!!

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