Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think I'm such a "city girl"-HAH!

I forget that I am not a city girl. Give me a field for a backyard. Take me into the woods to build a fort out of trees, and I'll love you forever. Sit with me on a rock and you'll hear my adventerous dreams. OOO I can't WAIT to go home!!!! =]=]=]

Storm King Mtn. (see the highway???)

(can't remember their name...haha)

West Point view! (My grandpa was a Stone Mason from Italy and He was in charge of all the stone work at West Point-and pretty much the whole thing is stone work!)

My sister actually lived in a little apartment part of the house back there.

Bannerman's Island

Vanderbuilt Mansion

For real, You all need to take a vacation here.

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dana said...

yes and amen! Please can I?!