Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dree-am, dream, dream, dream...


I have to get up super early tomorrow but I can't seem to settle my heart down. I just stared at my poster map of Africa and drew little hearts on the countries that I've prayed for or felt something for. Who knows if I will ever set foot in that land, or see the places that I picture in my head. All I know is that today my heart is beating to the sound of drums. My blood is flowing from the giggles and screams. And my spirit leaps at the songs of His goodness.

Today, day 16 of the blog challenge, is describe your dream house. I thought about this today and here are a few things I would love:

1-a chalkboard fridge! (google it!)--and it's easy-buy a cheap, used fridge, may not look the best but works well=paint it with chalkboard paint. You've got a fun, artsy, cool thing to write sweet notes to the teammate on! ;]

2-I always wanted a small room or cozy corner/window seat in the house that is designated as my space to be with the Lord in. I want one for me and one for my husband, as well as each of the kids. All have our little space in the house that is ours, that we make ours, and that we know we will be "left alone" and get to be with Abba.

3-Lots of room for fort making. I have decided-as of lunch today-that fort making will be a mandatory part of the day for my children. 12pm-lunch, 1 pm-reading time 2pm-Fort making 230-discussion of fort making and discussion on Jesus inside of the fort 3pm-fort tear-down 330pm-dance party.....yep. I like it. =]



L.C.T. said...

I love the individual space to spend with God idea! Really like it.

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh ! I love this. I have ALWAYS wanted a window seat too. We must be kindred spirits! =) P.S. THANK YOU For your VERY sweet and encouraging e-mail. I will be writing you back soon!!! hugs!