Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 day challenge!

Found this via Ashley at Life is Beautiful via Katie's Journey

Join in the fun!!! =]

Day 1: Introduce/Piccie/15 facts

I'm Heather. I'm a senior in college. I am double majoring in Interpersonal/Organizational Communications and Health Science. I LOVE Jesus. I love to sing, dance, talk about the "deep stuff", take piccies, have fun, and be girly. I am graduating in May and then will move to Kansas City, Missouri to join the International House of Prayer out there. Just got back from an internship out there and I can't wait to go back!!!!

1-I love bows 2-I am obsessed with pinky finger nails-they're just cute! 3-i make a calender for each month 4-i make a detailed hour calender for each day 5-i love my friends! 6-i am obsessed with baby clothes 7-i wanna have a bunch of children 8-i want Jesus more than anything or anyone 9-i have a love/hate relationship with facebook 10-i want to live in Africa 11-i have a fish, Seraphim 12-I love argyle socks 13-coffee is my friend 14-i chew 1/4 of a piece of gum after every meal 15-i like sending silly picture texts more than anything else on my phone

DAY 2-Meaning behind blog name

My blog name comes from a song by Matt Redman called "Dancing Generation". The bridge goes "it's the overflow of a forgiven soul, and now we've seen you God-our hearts cannot stay silent." I have to dance and jump when I think about the Lord just from my overflow of excitement and love for Him. It's my prayer that our generation will be one of overflowing hearts-full of dancing!

DAY 3-first love

I fell in love with Jesus when I was 4 but......
Taylor Hanson...this is him recently....i was dedicated when he looked like 3rd grade locker was filled with pictures of him....

join in tomorrow for day 4 of: my parents!!! the most wonderful people on earth!!! =]=]

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Kit said...

I can not wait to get to know you through the 30 day blog challenge! I cant wait for Parents tomorrow either.