Friday, August 27, 2010

100th post

I feel like I should have some life-changing post because it's my 100th blog. But I don't haha. I'll just leave you with song lyrics that describe the state of my heart these days....absolutely in love!!!

If I never walk on water, If I never see the miracles
If I never hear Your voice so loud
Just knowing that You love me is enough to keep me hear
Just hearing those words is enough to satisfy
You do, you do, you satisfy
I couldn't leave-even if I tried.
I must have You! I must have You!!

(ignore the pics, just listen haha)

check out my friend Emily's blog-she wrote about a crazyy night we had this week!! =]

be blessed.

1 comment:

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Happy 100th post!
Sorry I haven't stopped by to blog visit in awhile, but I've just been so busy with things! (Oh, and how cool that your b-day is the day after mine! :D)
I hope everything is going wonderful your way!!

Lots of Smiles!