Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 things...

Thanks to Alissa, a new blog friend, for blessing me with some wonderful "awards". For one of them I have to list 7 things about myself which make me a "unique individual".

1.) I am moving back home for 2 months and doing NOTHING except love on my family and get loved on (and pick up a new hobby-any suggestions?) then I am moving to Kansas City, MO to intern at the International House of Prayer-Fire In the Night internship until July. And I get 12 credits for all of this!

2.) Much to many people's unbelief I am not living the life that I wanted to live, but I am living the life that I am called to and I am finding it better than anything I wanted! Never wanted missions, never wanted to leave, never wanted to do a lot of things that I am doing-but I'm finding that I feel more alive in these things that anything else!

3.) I can probably count the time that I don't spend singing or dancing. It's that rare.

4.) I have dreams of grabbing a close friend and traveling from NY to Portland, stopping at coffee shops along the way and listening to acoustic music. I want to write a book from this adventure because I want to sit with random strangers along the way-not give advice or help them-but hear what is on their heart, the big question, worries,etc. I just want to hear what really is on people's hearts. Things that they wouldn't even express to their friends. I want to hear the human heart. (and then write a book to record it all and maybe make a profit from all the gas money spent up!)

5.) I want to live in various settings throughout my life. I want to live in a studio apartment in a city, an apartment complex in a small villiage, and a big, spacious house in a country-like development.

6.) I want to work in an organization-maybe even have my husband be the head of it along with me. I want this organization to focus on children, and them expanding the kingdom of God from a very young age! I want them to know that they are important, and that they have power even though they are young and that they can use that power and act in it! An organization I really love and have been in contact with over the past 2 years (fingers-crossed!) that encompases everything I want in an organization is Rainbows of Hope located in Fort Mill, SC. <3

7.) I deeply and truly love my friends more than anything in the world.

and Jesus is amazing!! <3 I'd do anything for Him, go anywhere with Him, and love Him at any cost...


Just Me said...

Just stopped by from LIfe as a wife! and I loved reading your heart!! I think we have things in common, I am going to be back to read more. =)

Above all else: Love said...

today was a great blogging day: ALex, you, Nacny Alcorn & KentM. =) <3