Thursday, November 19, 2009

No One Else

"No one else can love You like I love You, Lord
'cause I was made unique in Your heart
I was made to bring You Joy!"

Think of your significant other (real, future, imaginary...)
think of how you feel when they lavish you with their love.
those moments when you KNOW that they love you because they are loving you with every fiber of their being....overwhelmed with joy.

think of how you feel when you are loving on them with every fiber of your being...
how free, exciting, and joyful it is when you love on them.

Did you know that no one can love the lord the exact same way that you love Him?
You are THAT special!
If you're not loving Him to your full extent, 
then there is something in His heart that isn't getting "fed".  
It makes Him ache.
He's pouring out ALL of His love with half-return, or no return...

But when He is loved fully by you, 
in the special ways that you like to show your love to him
it brings him SO MUCH JOY!!!

and in return, He lavishes his love on you and it starts the cycle of you throwing your love back on him.

We love because He first loved us.
We only love because we have been loved.
We don't know how to love until we allow His love to hit us.

You are THAT important to Him.
You are THAT unique and intimately created.
You are THAT individual from everyone else.
You are THAT loved.


Okie said...

Very, very true.

Ted Mecklenburg said...

Who's song is that? "No one else can love you like I love you" I can't find it anywhere

Heather said...

That song hasn't been recorded yet. Right now it's a spontaneous chours that is sung repeatedly at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Hopefully will be on a recording soon!!