Tuesday, November 17, 2009

28 days

This morning I sat down to read my bible. Sometimes I get everything else done that I need to do so I can focus on my reading but today I wanted to read it before I did anything else.

So as I hopped up onto my bed with bible and pen in hand I heard the Lord say to me 
"you chose rightly".


Have a beautiful day my lovely ones!!!

happy-birthday-chelsea!!! xoxoxoxo


Kendralee* said...

GAH! You're so beautiful in every way! so much love to you girlie.. <3

Anonymous said...

thank you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Happy birthday Chelsea! :D What a great choice to make- you DID choose "rightly". :D

Cute cute blog!

kelleidoscope said...

I need to do that more often :) Just sit down with myself and God.