Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Prayer Movement-Night and Day Worship

The Prayer Movement. Something I was introduced to a year ago tonight. Something where everything my heart believed and beat for came together into what I could spend my life doing on this earth. Praising Jesus because He is worthy and vital. Gazing and calling out to Him because I love Him and I miss Him. Standing in His house because there is injustice in the world and circumstances on this earth are not okay with me.

Intercession is a sign of injustice. Night and Day prayer is a sign that things are not as they should be, and draws attention to the hope of when they will be! I will and long to cry out for His purposes of justice to come, and for Him to come Himself. Until He comes back I will be found missing Him and breaking the apathy and the illusion that the world is okay right now. Human Trafficking is not okay. People are starving-it's not okay. People are going to hell-that's not okay. People are being murdered-that's not okay. "Peace, Peace! Everywhere Peace! Things are getting better!" NO! not everything is okay. Virtually nothing is okay because Jesus is not honored in the earth-intercession stands in that gap saying no. Things will not get better apart from His leadership and His purposes that I am praying for. My life-day and night-is a protest. Things are not ok. Yes, I stand in the gap for men, but ultimately I do this because He is worthy of my love, He has won my love, and I voluntarily give Him my love.

Gas stations are open all night long because they are needed. Denny's is open at 3 in the morning. Hospitals are open all the time---these are important. But what is more important than the necessity of praising God's splendor!?! House's of Prayer are not a fad! THE GLORY OF GOD NECESSITATES THAT HE IS WORSHIPPED ALL THE TIME!!! IT'S NOT FOR ME! IT'S FOR HIM! It's because of His worth and His glory and His LOVE! Houses of Prayer stand as a sign to the Body of Christ and Jesus' people saying what David writes in Psalm 4, how long will you give adoration and and attention to what is worthless and fail to give it to what is supremely worthy!? It stands as a reminder to what is vital to everyone and everything.

We are faceless, nameless people whom have hearts stolen away and we stand and say "Behold! there is only One found worthy!! Look world, remember! He is the only worthy one! Go about and do what you are called to do-but I will stand here because I desire to, because I am called to and because I want to remind you that He is worthy" The Lord desires continual worship and devotion. and what a JOY it is!! There is no place I am found more satisfied and more joyful than when I gaze upon Him and sing of His beauty.

"You summon the spirit that you serenade." I will sing to Jesus.

I sing to Him not because He fixes my circumstances. not because He gives me joy. not because He brings justice. He does all this...but I sing to Him because He is worthy of incessant worship. "There is a big difference between getting rescued and getting picked up for your wedding"-Bill Johnson. I am not a part of the Prayer Movement just so things will get better. I am a part of the Prayer Movement because I love who I pray to and I am sick of being away from Him. I am in love with the most amazing man I have ever heard of. And He loves me back-and SO WELL! Everything I love to do, He loves to do. Everything I like to talk about, He likes to talk about...He's my best friend, my Husband, my brother...and the Holy Transcendent God.

He is worthy of all the love and all the adoration. May this be the basis of all our worship-adoring Him! It is the heartbeat of heaven! Lord Jesus come!! Life is not okay apart from you! There is no peace, joy or hope apart from you-and for us to be with you-which is your desire and mine! I'm not in the Prayer Room for what He will do for me, or for my family or to make me lovely...but I do it because He is worthy to be adored. I have no other ambition but to adore Him.

I no longer live. I live for no other reason than to fulfill the purposes of God. I no longer live, and I feel more alive than ever before. I live to no other law than the law of unconditional love.

When I walk in His ways and commit my heart to him and give my life to him He does more than I could ask or think-He gives me strength when I am weak, He renews me, He gives me grace, He makes me able to love.

He is a person. The more I give myself to know Him, the more I want to be with Him. I exist for Him. I exist to love Him and receive His love back. It's His glory and mine. Jesus, You may conquer all my affections, all my time, and all my attention. You can conquer my life.


Hannah Rene said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! SO, SO, SO MUCH! I'm crying! So beautiful! I just want to read it over and over! OH HEATHER ISN'T JESUS SO BEAUTIFUL?! <3 Oh my goodness <3

. said...

More Lord.

amen, amen, amen.

My heart longs to spend more time with all you "faceless" folks. You are what keeps my heart racing after the One worthy <3

Danica said...

i cant say it enough- I love you.