Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's all about One.
It's done all for the One, and done for one.
One person a day.
I have 99 days left of college.
Tell one person everyday for the next 99 days that Jesus loves them.
Doesn't matter who.
Best friend. stranger. enemy.
Tell one person everyday that Jesus loves them.


They're enjoyed, they're liked, they're looked at lovingly,
they're desired, they're being yearned for,
they have a bigger story they are needed for...

Jesus loves them.

Why not tell them?!
just one.
How hard can that be??..........

1 comment:

Hannah Rene said...

Oh Heather that is so beautiful! You are amazing! Let Him radiate out of you and pour love all over your campus!! I <3 U Praying for u <3