Monday, December 6, 2010

It's like an illness...

it really just comes at me from nowhere!!
I'm good and I'm fine then all of a sudden, it happens. I sit and I am lost in a whirlwind of dreams....

I sell everything I own except maybe 2 shirts, a pair of earrings, a skirt, my skinny jeans, and my toms and take all that money and go to Africa. Upon arriving my hair will be dreaded, I will give away my toms (they were only to get through security at the airport) and then... make a little home in a villiage somewhere and dance all day long. all day. and the air that i breathe will be full of melodies and songs and fires....


I sell everything I own except my coat, converse, pair of earrings, tshirt, skinny jeans. I take my money and buy a cheap car. With this car I travel from House of Prayer to house of prayer...stopping at coffee shops along the way, meeting people and writing down their stories, their hearts, and soul songs. I bring my guitar and sing. I sing and sing and sing and sing and sing...

I trust You, how You'll lead me, 'cuz again and again
You have shown Yourself true.
I trust You, how You'll lead me, though the storms they will come,
I know You'll always be good.
You know just how to lead me,
You know how to perfect me,
You know how to mature me, and keep me fully in love.


dana said...

Yep, you and i are kindred spirits. :-)

above all else: Love said...

I just read Kendra's blog then yours... I see a pattern here