Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Chances...

Next time.
Next time i'll run to the souls i feel to run to. 
no matter who.
no matter where. 
no matter what.

Next time I'll sit at the feet of those who's hearts I want to hear.
I'll sit at the feet of the wise ones I want to hear, 
and i won't let fear or the thought of rejection hold me back.

that doesn't have to be a far off dream-the gaining of wisdom and the hearing of hearts.
it can be a reality for here and now.

Next time.
Next time i'll go and sit with those i want to sit with.
the nameless beautiful faces that just steal my heart from far away.
i'll connect with those who i want to connect with.

I'll sit and laugh with my brothers more often.
I'll hold on to my girls tighter than ever.
my babies...oh my girls...xoxo

beacuase it's not those people who matter at the end of it all.
the ones who i fear rejection from, those who will think of me oddly.
no, they won't matter at the end of it all. 
they don't matter now.

at the end of it all they're not who matter.
looking back now, they don't matter to me.
but what I didn't do...who i didn't go to, who i didn't hug long enough, who i didn't sit with, what i didn't say....that's what eats me.

Right now, I ache. I cry. 
I thought these 3 weeks would fly by fast and gloriously.
it's day 2.  I just want to hold you in my arms forever and ever...

I'm so happy that I get a second chance at this.
I get a second chance.
Here. i get my second chance. HERE.

 I'm not satisfied with what i've done here. 
yes, great things, fun times, heart stuff, impact.
but it's not enough for me.
here. right here. 
i'm not finished with this place.

next time....
next time it'll be different....
i'm not done.

i love second chances.

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Theresa said...

I've got goosebumps. Just Beautiful.