Thursday, November 5, 2009

40 days...(and 40 nights)

today was the day I have been looking at for over a month. 
yearning for.

well, it's gone.

40. day 40. 40 days left till my next season.

Till I actually start to begin to walk IN something my heart desired, fell in love with, asked for, dreamt about...yeah, i'm gonna be walking IN it....whoa....

So i made a bunch of "to-do" things for these next 40 days. 

Take time to attend to the hearts of those that I love.
Lift up my soul and the souls of those around me.
Spend time with the One who loves me rightly.
Read the word to set my mind at ease.
Take care of my physical body.
Take a picture of 1 beautiful thing that I witness.

Here is beautiful thing #1:

fuzzy blanket, some good talk, some sweet lovin', some needed restin'.

1 comment:

Above all else: Love said...

oh my goodness I LOVE THIS. please do this everyday!!!!!!