Friday, December 19, 2008

What Would You lose??

If I had to lose one of my five senses I would want it to be seeing. This way I would never be blinded by the world's definition of beauty. I would be forced to "look" deeper. Everything that I live for and believe in I can't see. I would miss seeing the beauty of a moonlight sky, or the sun shining and reflecting off the ocean...but the beauty found in these can not be compared to the beauty that I don't see.

I love to hear laughter. Each individual laugh is truly amazing. The sound of rain hitting a roof, the sound of the ocean hitting rocks and coming up onto the shore. The sound of music. The sound of innocence. The sound of a song, an orchestra, a voice. The sound of pointe shoes running across an empty stage.

The smell of vanilla. The reminder of a friend long gone. The smell of 'clinique happy heart' perfume-the reminder of a friend truly cherished. The smell of fresh cut grass, of a Casablanca lily.

The taste of fresh baked cookies. The taste of fruit-refreshing. Taste of a cold drink on a hot day, and a warm one on a cold day.

The feel of a baby's skin, the feel of sand, the feel of the breeze as it blows my blond hair away from my face. The feeling of things indescribable. The feeling that I've made someones day brighter. The feel of a hug and the touch of a hand is the most beautiful thing that this physical world has to offer. The overwhelming feeling of Love that you feel.

The feeling your face gets when you smile too much...the most blissful, wonderful feeling.

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Elizabeth said...

i totally agree lady.